Assignment-Rough draft of Responding to an Essay

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Assignment Details:

Now that you have read the essay “Are Too Many People Going to College” by Charles Murray, it is time to respond to him. Make sure you have your summary as you write this response.

Here is how to write this essay:


Your first sentence should be the hook or an engaging first sentence.

The second sentence should include the author’s name, title, and the main idea of the essay (refer back to your summary).

Next, you will mention 3 pieces of evidence that Murray used to make his argument (pick 3 pieces of evidence that you strongly agree with or disagree with because this is what you will respond to in the body paragraphs of the essay).

The last sentence of the introduction is your thesis: Your overall response to Murray’s argument. According to the UMass Lowell A Writer’s Reference “an effective thesis statement responds to a question about a text. Remember that your thesis isn’t the same as the text’s thesis or main idea. Your thesis presents your judgment of the text’s argument” (65).

Body paragraphs:

Go into detail about a piece of evidence that you mentioned in the introduction. Why and how did Murray use this evidence? Then respond to Murray. In other words, if you were having a conversation with Murray what would you say to him about this part of his argument?

Do this 3 times for each piece of evidence you have mentioned in the introduction


Make an overall statement on the topic/essay..

Remember to follow MLA citation and make sure this is at least 3 pages.


Are Too Many People Going to College?

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Why and how did Murray use this evidence

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