Response to a common interview

Response to a common interview


1. For this assignment, think of a common question which you might be asked during an interview for potential employment. Write your response in memorandum format.

2. Your memo should be no more than one (1) page in length. You will receive no credit if your memo exceeds one (1) page in length.

3. Ensure that spelling, syntax, punctuation, word choice, and other errors do not appear in your memo. Justify text. Submit the final memo in PDF by the due date specified on the Moodle assignment submission portal.

4. This is an individual assignment. Do not consult any person or resource, including your textbook and/or the Internet. 5. You may earn up to five (5) potential points for this assignment. Any earned points will be allocated to your point total for Exam #2 (Final).

Hi, the interview question could be any questions

but, do not answer a simple one, please construct a meaningful one

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The wish to see what I start achieve the status I hoped it would achieve has always been the primary impetus in most of my activities. I start engagement in different activities with a clear image of what I would wish to…

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