Restaurant Logo Remix

Restaurant Logo Remix

  1. Scenario: You work for a marketing organization that has taken on a new client. The new client is a holding company for numerous chain restaurant brands. This client has recently decided to consolidate three of its similar existing offerings into one brand to create efficiencies. It wants to take the things that three restaurants do best and combine them into one brand.
    The client wants to apply the same approach to its visual communications for the brand. Your task is to distinguish the most effective visual elements of the existing restaurants’ logo graphics and suggest how they might be able to be remixed into a new logo.
    Remember, this is NOT about which restaurants you like best. This is about dissecting the logo graphics for the restaurants based on what you learned in this module.
    Assessment Instructions:

    Assessment Requirements/Submission Requirement:Submit a Microsoft Word document.

(Activity Time: 10 Hours)

Special Note: These readings are selected because they complement the lesson content in this module. You may find these readings exceedingly helpful when working on your assignment and discussion forum. 

A quick read eBook filled with lots of full-page images, it contains brief but thought-provoking explanations and questions about the visuals that we see every day and some that we don’t. Intuition is a good place to start, but it’s not where we should stop.

This research study examines the correlation between creativity, intelligence, and divergent thinking. Creative self-efficacy (the awareness of one’s ability to produce creative work) plays a major role.

  • Kharkhurin, A. V. (2017). Does the eye of the beholder construct beauty? Contributions of self-efficacy factors to divergent thinking traits. Creativity Research Journal, 29(4), 370–376.

This research study examines the effectiveness of using symbols to gather feedback from individuals who struggle with conventional literacy. Page 7 of the study is especially interesting, showing how symbols were modified to communicate more clearly.

Targets, target practice, and Target: they’re all part of our written, verbal, and visual language. Brands and advertisers have been keen on this, capitalizing on our society’s desire to hit the mark. This article takes an in-depth look at the indelible impact that weaponry has had on how we communicate with each other.

Emojis aren’t just accents on language; they’re a language all their own. And, like any language, its symbols take on new meanings over time. Tea, for example, is now slang for gossip, and a fist in the air means different things in different contexts.

Emoji can add fun and clarity to any text message thread, but different platforms render emoji differently. Those subtle changes can lead to differences in emotional interpretation—an unfortunate reality of the graphics that were intended to make messaging clearer.

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