Why are we writing these?

English 102

image.gifLearning Goal: I’m working on an English question and need support to help me learn.

* Reading and answering questions

Why are we writing these?

Writing is thinking – by writing down your thoughts in response to our class readings, your brain is making connections and coming up with questions.

These assignments will also help you participate in class by giving you specific comments you can make during our discussions, so please take some time to think about your answers. Don’t worry about grammar or formatting – just spend some time writing down your ideas!

Readings to Complete Before Responding:

Writing Prompt:
Where to submit:

“Prelude to a Revolution”
“A Closer Look at…53206” https://www.milwaukeemag.com/milwaukee-zip-code-53206/

– What surprised you in these texts? Why do you think you had this reaction?

What is the rhetorical situation in each of these texts (rhetor, audience, purpose, and exigence/context)?

Possible Points: 10 (see rubric below)

Here’s how I’ll grade this assignment:

8-10 pts

You have clearly completed the reading or other assigned work thoroughly and thoughtfully. There is clear evidence of your effort to engage, think and prepare for class.

7-5 pts

You’ve likely completed all or most of the reading or other assigned work. There is some evidence of effort to prepare and intellectual engagement with the material, but it is perhaps uneven or less fully developed than the top point category.

3-4 pts

You may have completed some of the reading and tried to put something together to prepare for class. The writing suggests a lack of effort and engagement.

1-2 pts

Very little effort. Clearly thrown together 5 minutes before class. Very little to no evidence of completed the reading or other assigned work.

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Why are we writing these


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