Do the advantages outweigh the limitations?

The Advantages and Limitations of Corpus Lexicography

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The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of the advantages and limitations of the corpus lexicography.

Action Items:

Write a 4-paragraph essay (minimum 12 sentences; 300 words) about the corpus revolution in lexicography. Your essay should follow this format:

Paragraph 1: Introduction to the topic (minimum 3 sentences)

Paragraph 2: Summarize arguments in favor of using a corpus (minimum 3 sentences)

Paragraph 3: Summarize arguments against using a corpus (minimum 3 sentences)

Paragraph 4: Give your opinion on using a corpus. Do the advantages outweigh the limitations? Why or Why not? Make sure to include relevant details to support your position. (minimum 3 sentences)


Add a title
Indent (leave space at the beginning of a new paragraph)
Pay attention to capitalization
Pay attention to punctuation (i.e., avoid comma splices; end complete sentences with a period; and avoid writing VERY long sentences)
Pay attention to spelling
Pay attention to grammar, word choice and sentence structure (avoid incomplete sentences)
Cite your sources and add references. Plagiarized assignments will receive a zero (use quotations, summarizing and or paraphrasing. DO NOT OVERUSE QUOTAIONS/ DO NOT ADD LONG QUOTAIONS)


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Do the advantages outweigh the limitations

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