Rhetorical Analysis: Nike Londoner Ad

Rhetorical Analysis: Nike Londoner Ad

This week, you will use the drafting and planning work from the Week 3 Extended Draft Outline to write the final three- to four-page Rhetorical Analysis essay. Draw upon last week’s assignment, the lesson, and textbook reading to help you understand and meet the requirements for the Rhetorical Analysis. Other than finding your chosen ad online, no outside research is required for this essay.

At the end of your Rhetorical Analysis Essay, copy and paste the URL or website address for your ad (it will begin with http://) so that your readers also can view the ad.

Successful assignments will:

  • be focused on analyzing an advertisement, current or vintage, that’s appropriate for a college-level audience;
  • include a thesis statement at the end of the introduction that conveys the overall effectiveness of the chosen ad;
  • include details to establish the visual description and context of the ad;
  • identify the various ways rhetorical appeals are used;
  • be typed and submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.docx), with 12-point font
  • include an APA cover page
  • be three to four double-spaced pages, not including the title page; and
  • be submitted for grading.

did u get the attachment. That is the start of the paper I had submitted. This Essay has to be built around it

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Advertisements are meant to appeal to the audience, making it harder for them to resist purchasing a product despite not needing it at the time. An effective advertisement should make the audience feel that he or she is in need…
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