Rituals and Routines

Rituals and Routines

Details: In our lives, we participate in daily routines, whether brushing our teeth, making our beds, or following
complicated steps to prepare a meal. We also participate in larger rituals that can be understood by a
bigger group. They are based on a larger cultural meaning or understanding (like “blessing” food,
listening to the national anthem before a sports game, etc.). Often, we participate in rituals and aspects of
rituals without fully understanding the meaning behind certain aspects (I, for one, had no clue why I was
saying the pledge of allegiance at 5, but I sure did learn it!). This can be true of religious rituals, cultural
rituals, rites of passage such as turning 21, graduations, holidays, and weddings.
For this assignment, I want you to analyze some of the taken-for-granted rituals and routines that are
associated with your subculture. Please view the structure for this assignment below:
1. Choose TWO rituals to examine in detail. These rituals may be formal (i.e., graduation) or informal (i.e., a gesture when greeting someone.
2. When you are breaking down the aspects of the two chosen rituals, consider the following: the reasons for participation, who else was involved in the ritual, your understanding of the different aspects of the ritual. Are there parts of the ritual you have a problem with? That you do not fully understand? Or that you thought was satisfying and important? Was there anything beautiful? Particularly complicated? How could this be indicative of larger parts of society (i.e., serving your husband, father, and brother before you eat may be indicative of larger culturally defined gender roles).
3. Please write TWO pages, double spaced analyzing your ritual. Please write your assignment in paragraph format, 12pt font, Times New Roman font. The assignment may be double spaced.

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