Scenario: Steven’s Behavior

Scenario: Steven’s Behavior

  • Describe your chosen scene and educator(s); include their name(s) and age group of the children.
  • What two strategies and interventions did they employ with the children to support the guidance process? Were the strategies helpful? How so?
  • Were these strategies developmentally appropriate for the children? How do you know?
  • If you were the educator in the classroom, would you utilize the same strategy as the educator(s) in the video or use another strategy? Outline your reasoning for your answer.

Be sure to support your claims using the course resources or other credible sources.

Reply Post: Respond to at least one peer who critiqued a different scene and educator(s). Politely offer additional insight, an opposing idea, or suggestions, where appropriate. Provide supportive evidence from the course resources or another credible source.

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