Assignment Question

Assignment Question

Assignment Question(s):

Again, this assignment is also sequel of assignment 1 & 2.

After publishing advertisements in several channels, the school committee receives a lot of applications for hiring new teaching and non-teaching staff, so answer the following questions-


You have to First shortlist the candidates from the applications received

Set at least threecriteria for shortlisting the candidate, explain briefly, why you are choosing such criteria for desired candidates.

Explain each criterion in 50-100 words.

Question 1 is worth (50 Marks for each Criteria, 03 X 0.50 = 1.50 Marks)


Draft an“Interview Call Letter” for sending to shortlisted Candidates. 100 words

Before answering this question, refer to Chapter 13 & Chapter 14 from the course Textbook.

Question 2 is worth 1 mark


Prepare a Behaviour Based Common Interview Question for the Interview.

While preparing behaviour-based questions for conducting the interview, the student has to include five questions of their own (remember: behaviour-based questions. So, questions like “what’s your name” or “what’s your address” do not count).

Questions that can be answer by Yes/No only, will not also be accepted.

Question 3 is worth (0.50 Marks for each Criteria, 05 X 0.50 = 02.50 Marks)


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Assignment Question


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