SCI2010 week 4 assignments Task and Lesson

SCI2010 week 4 assignments Task and Lesson

What is the lawsuit about?

Task 4 Water Pollution

Read “Lawsuit Forces Potomac River Plant to Halt Water Pollution Violations and Pay for Millions in

What is the lawsuit about?  What does an industrial plant have to do with the Chesapeake Bay some
distance away? How can this affect you?

 Investigate groundwater pollution and its effect on bodies of water. Investigate the FAQs and define the following terms:

 Aquifer
 Bedrock
 Delmarva Peninsula
 Groundwater
 Lag-time
 Nutrients
 Pesticides
 Pollution
 Precipitation
 Reservoir
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Investigate the quality of a body of water near you.  It might be the Chesapeake bay but could be a
river, lake, or ocean.  Start with the USGS site to find data on the body of water you have chosen. 
Look for data on how clean the water is, and what pollutants are present. Write a 1–2 page report on the
quality of water using cited data to support your information.
(For example, see how one group used USGS  data to demonstrate the effects of water pollution on
the San Francisco Bay.)

Answer preview what is the lawsuit about? 

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