Searching for Employee Loyalty

Searching for Employee Loyalty

You are the CEO of Razz, a start-up web-based search company, which is planning to compete directly with Google. The company had an exceptional first year and is currently receiving over 500,000 hits a day from customers all over the world.

You have hired 250 people in the past four months, doubling the size of your organization. With so many new employees starting so quickly, you are concerned about how your company’s culture will evolve and whether your employees are receiving enough attention. You are already familiar with customer relationship management and how CRM systems can help an organization create strong customer relationships. However, you are unfamiliar with employee relationship management, and you are wondering what ERM systems might be able to offer your employees and your company.

Research the web, create a report detailing features and functions of ERM systems, and determine what value will be added to your organization if you decide to implement an ERM solution. Write a 2 page report using APA formatting and submit it to your instruct

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Employee Relationship Mangement refers to the process of managing the relationship between the employees and the employers. This system is made up of initiatives that seek to improve employee loyalty and morale in the organization…

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