Sexual Assault in American Universities

Sexual Assault in American Universities

Writing an outline: This is an assignment in my Discovery Civics class IGED 280

My professor asked us to choose a research topic about a social/community issue

I picked this topic “Sexual Assault on College Campuses in the United States” .. i will put in my research paper some statistics, how this is a major social problem in the united states, rising an awareness, put some solutions and suggestions, and how collage administrations should respond to these reports, and how they should create a safe environment for students (especially for women)

Now i just need to write an outline that include thesis and gathering ideas about this topic that i’m possibly will talk about in my research paper.

Now i want you to write the outline, you can do a little research in the internet that will help you to gather ideas

The formula we i should follow to write this outline is attached (APA) format

Solution Preview
  1. Sexual assault in the United States has been on the rise, with most of the victims being female, and having less incentive to report the matter to the necessary authorities…

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