Sexual harassment at the workplace

Sexual harassment at the workplace


Following the case study format, choose and develop a case study exploring some theme regarding sexuality/boundaries in the workplace, such as one of the following themes:

1. whether our response to the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace is still inadequate; or whether our response has in some sense done more harm than good.

2. whether the boundaries we place to prevent or discourage personal relationships in the workplace are counterproductive – or whether we need more boundaries in some cases.

3. Whether we compartmentalize too much, or not enough, so that our professional lives cause harm to our private lives (or vice-versa).

4. Whether our attitudes and policies toward culture, and language difference are wrong-headed: the illegalization of bilingual education is some states; anti-bilingualism, anti-immigrant movements, the illegal immigration problem.

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Sexual harassment at the workplace is one of the major challenges that companies have been experiencing over the years, with women being the most affected by this problem. Consequently, the government has intervened in the situation…
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