Sexual Harassment, Power & Vulnerability

Check what i did with the paper, around 4 pages. I need you to add the two sections below:

Okay so can you write about women coming out in the past and women coming out now and the different reactions from then and now, about being harrased sexually.  this is where you can speak on feminists perspectives. so like you are comparing and contrasting the differences from the past and now coming out of women who have been sexually harrassed- 2pgs
you can go on to switch the roles and show how men are even sexually harrassed in the work place and how does this affect them, especially knowing that they will never be able to tell without someone not believing them.i think i have articles that speak on those two topics- 2pgs

 Make use of the articles that i has given you, and include sufficient footnotes.

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Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination leveled against an individual based on his/her sexual orientation. This type of discrimination is a crime for which often its undertones are directly linked to the need for control…
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