Details: I am sure you remember that old game of show-and-tell in elementary school. What you probably didn’t
realize you were doing in your first-grade class as you showcased your Pokémon collection is sharing
how you and your interests connect you to something much larger than yourself. Sometimes objects
represent a multitude of things and are central to storytelling. When you look at a photograph, pick up a
memento, or look at a trinket in a junk drawer, you can be transported back to another place and
understand significant symbols that perhaps others outside of that subculture would not fully understand.
For this assignment, you are asked to identify an object that you believe is representative of your subculture. Please view the structure for the assignment below:
1. By this time of the semester, you should have already narrowed it down to ONE subculture. Please only do the remaining assignments on the ONE subculture you have chosen in this assignment.
2. Prepare a story behind the object that you will present on one page. Make sure to choose something that
will allow you to explore specific ideas tied to your subculture.
3. Please write your assignment in paragraph format, one page minimum, 12pt font, Times New Roman font.
The assignment may be double spaced. Please include a photograph of the object as well. Please submit using a Word file or PDF.
Please do this research about Armenian subculture including a picture. If you have any questions please let me know. I need high grade for this assignment.

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