Environmental scanning & strategy formulation (Description of the company )

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Description of the company ‘X’

It is a company from your choice;
From real national or international market;
It is a publicly-traded company;
Produces and commercializes more than one product;
Sufficient information about the strategies of the company, its functions, and product lines are available;
This company should have at least one partnership with other companies (es) (alliances, joint venture, arrangement…).

The selected company must meet the above criteria.

Assignment Questions

Briefly present your selected company (name, industry, nationality, location, size, activities, products…) (Max 200 words).
Determine the opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses of your selected company by completing the SWOT matrix in the answer sheet.
Does your selected company have social responsibility? If yes, discuss its impact on the competitive advantage of the corporation. (Max 400 words)
Based on figure 4.3 (Ch4-slide no 18) and the textbook text relative to Porter’s Five forces of competition framework, assess the power of the buyers, suppliers, and substitutes of your chosen company. How formidable are the barriers to entry and how intense is the rivalry among existing firms?
What is the competitive strategy used by your selected company? Justify.
Requirements: as mentioned in the file

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Does your selected company have social responsibility

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