What will you do to experiment with building these strengths in your life?

What will you do to experiment with building these strengths in your life?

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Midterm Project – Developing Core Virtues and Signature Strengths

Results from the Signature Strengths Inventory provide information and increase your awareness of the way you see your behaviors. The results are not good or bad. The results give you some information on the traits comprising signature strengths, and this information allows you to make a conscious choice to develop the trait or characteristic.

There are five steps to complete the Project.

1. Completing the Signature Strengths Inventory is the first step of the midterm project.

2. The second step is looking at your behaviors that you have direct control over.

3. The third step is choosing which of your signature strengths you want to build and expand, knowing that as you do this it can have a positive impact on increasing your self esteem.

4, The fourth step is your actions. What will you do to experiment with building these strengths in your life?

5. The fifth step is the paper you write about developing the traits or characteristics comprising the signature strengths you wanted to explore for yourself.

So now you are looking at section 3.4.9, Developing your signature strengths more fully. For those who are using a print copy of the book this is pages 106-112.

One signature strength you may wish to focus on is citizenship. To build this strength, you could make sure you have registered to vote. Then you could vote. You would write about how this voting responsibility may have modified the way you looked at the candidates and the election ads. You might choose to build citizenship and teamwork further taking on an added responsibility within and organization in which you are already a part, or volunteer for some activities to benefit your community. You would then write about your experience doing this. Several of my students worked for camillus hous on the weekend last semester. This kindness and generosity with their time changed their experience of hum,an relationships.

Another signature strength you may choose is to build your curiosity and interest in the world. (#1) To do this you look at the suggestions on how to develop this strength, and then you decide what you are going to put into practice.

I continue to work to develop this signature strength in myself, so I have registered for webinars where I will learn new and interesting things. Last semester I registered for a 21 day program – all virtual – with the YWCA. This was the 21-Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge which was designed to serve as a catalyst for change in South Florida. In this challenge, I received an email Monday to Friday,from YWCA South Florida emails. I had to schedule a time to consume the information. For me it was during lunch. I had to complete the activities in the email Perhaps watch videos, read historical papers. The information taught me, changed my interpretation of many events, surprised me, offended me, made me uncomfortable, showed me how much I must stand up and let my voice be heard. This was a powerful intervention for me.

For you, maybe you want to learn something new. You could go to the website coursera.org, and register for a free course. I did this too, and registered for the COVID-19 contact tracing course https://www.coursera.org/learn/covid-19-contact-tracing You may see courses of interest to you. This site has courses in health, nutrition, neuroanatomy,and much more.

Maybe you would like to start to read the cover page of the New York Times every day. https://www.nytimes.com Again, your choice, to build strengths in terms of curiosity and interest in the world.

This midterm project is very individual. It encourages and supports you in making change in your lives, and perhaps by doing so, in the lives of your family and friends and community as well. The Project encourages you to exercise proactive choice in developing signature strengths that are important to you. This is the fun part of the course. You are becoming more and more aware of who you are, and how you can take control of your life.

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What will you do to experiment with building these strengths in your life


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