Describe the activities and the nature of the conflict.

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Social media has three primary uses for organizations: recruiting talent, knowledge sharing and reinforcing the brand. How is social media used in achieving these objectives at your organization? How does your organization prevent employees from abusing social media on the job?

Also, please review the tips (in general) on optimizing LinkedIn profiles. Does your profile (in general) fit the best criteria listed out there? What would you do to improve the LinkedIn profile?


Although all departments of an organization should work toward a common goal, there are often conflicting objectives. For example, finance wants to keep costs down, whereas the design team wants to add an extra feature to the product. Share an example of an inherent conflict within any given organization. Describe the activities and the nature of the conflict. What systems and processes does your organization use to manage inherent conflicts?


Have you ever been coached by someone? What did he or she do well, and what mistakes were made? How was it for you to be on the receiving end of the coaching, and how did you respond? What is required to be successful as the receiver of someone else’s coaching attempts?



Please write minimum 700 words answer for each question
Provide minimum 3 references for each answer in APA format
In-text citations and References should be in APA format (mandatory).
Avoid Plagiarism and grammar mistakes.

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Describe the activities and the nature of the conflict.

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