Social media and open source intelligence

Social media and open source intelligence

Part 1

Respond to the attached student post in 300 words or more

Part 2

Answer the below question in 500 words or more

The power of social media and the information gleaned from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is prodigious. The use of social media can also change the course of human events. Can you think of other examples?other than the Arab Spring as discussed in the readings?that might benefit from Social Network intelligence employing cyber intelligence techniques?

Hodges, Jim “OSINT Goes Social,” Trajectory Magazine (Fall 2012). Accessed at:

Ivan, Adrian, Claudia Iov, Raluca Lutai, Raluca, and Marius Grad. “Social Media Intelligence: Opportunities and Limitations,” CES Working Papers 7, no. 2a (2015), 505-510.

Omand, David, “Introducing Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT),” Intelligence and National Security 27, No. 6, pp. 801?823.

You can also use your own sources if needed




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Open Source Intelligence

Part 1: Response

In the student post, the peer delves into the power of social networking sites and the information that can be deduced from open source intelligence. According to the post, OSI has the potential to change the course of various human events due to the power that it possesses. Some of the examples that are discussed by the author include the manner in which the Army uses these tools to conduct surveillance and collect information that is later used by different law enforcement agencies to ensure that the people are protected at all times. In my opinion, these tools have played a great role in combating attacks on the country before they can happen. Doing this has helped protect the people while at the same time guarantee the sovereignty of the nation from terrorists and other unscrupulous individuals. Such efforts ensure that the security of the people is guaranteed in the long-term.

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