Social Media Blog Post

Social Media Blog Post

to research and analyze the use of social media marketing for an organization. I have uploaded the assignment. This website had some interesting information..….

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Pollo Tropical and Social Media Marketing.

Pollo Tropical is a food chain store from Florida. The franchise is built upon the cuisines from the Caribbean. The business has over 140 locations in the United States of America. The main dishes include marinated and grilled chicken plus other meals like black beans and casserole. Nonetheless, it remains imperative to note that the business is a subsidiary of Fiesta Restaurant Group (Pollo Tropical, 2018). Nevertheless, the scope of this paper remains the impact and importance of social media in marketing and promoting the business.

Pollo Tropical on Social Media Platforms

The business has a more extensive social media exposure. This assertion is hinged on the fact that the market is not only on Facebook but also Twitter, Snap Chat, YouTube and Instagram.

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