Social Media Profiles

Social Media Profiles

Week 1: Social Media Profiles

We have been looking at different psychological theories and how we can use them to examine social media better.

  1. For this assignment, you are to choose a living celebrity and spend some time looking through their active social media accounts: Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  2. Then write your analysis, being sure to cover these points:
  3. An introduction including who your subject is and an overview of them and their social media use
  4. Examples/discussion of the schema(s) present in the social media
  5. Use TWO of the theories listed below to describe what you learned about your celebrity 
  6. Examples/discussion of the cultivation theory
  7. Examples/discussion of agenda-setting theory
  8. Examples/discussion of social learning theory
  9. Examples/discussion of uses and gratifications theory

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