Social Work 

Social Work 

The objective of this paper is to allow students to explore an area of interest within the field of gerontology and discuss how the chosen topic affects older adults and/or their care providers. Per the textbook, problems can be developmental, biological, related to cognitive changes, personality, and mental health.

Clearly identify and discuss the problem by defining the problem and providing background information on it; who and how many people experience the problem, what is the problem (clearly defined), when and/or why does the problem tend to occur, how does it occur –provide enough detail to demonstrate a clear understanding of the problem.

What interventions/treatments are currently available?

Address aspects of human diversity (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or social class) that may impact the person who has the problem.

The paper must be supported by documentation (articles or books) in addition to the textbook; a minimum of 3 additional sources is required. Use only peer reviewed articles or books.A cover page and reference list must be included. The minimum requirement is 5 pages (the cover page and reference list are not counted in the minimum number of pages). There will be 1 page for the cover page,1 page for the reference list, plus the 5-7 pages of text in the paper.

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