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What you are attempting to accomplish by implementing your project

Macro Intervention Project Paper:

Using the information you gained from your Community Needs Assessment, you must use creativity and critical thinking to come up with a viable macro-level intervention to address the need you have identified. The research that you gather for your Community Needs Assessment should direct your intervention plan. The majority of this grade will be based on the quality of your intervention and the demonstration of a project that reflects a thoughtful project.

You will be graded on the following:


What you are attempting to accomplish by implementing your project (5 points)

How your macro intervention, if successful in the long term, will affect people on the micro level. (5 points)


Provide a summary of the evidence that you have found through your research (for the Needs Assessment) that link the needs of the community and the intervention you are proposing. (20 points)

Information should use AP 7th edition formatting for citations and references. (10 points)

The Intervention:

Describe the steps that are required to plan and implement the intervention – be specific and provide relevant details. (25 points)

Describe how the intervention is based in a relevant theoretical framework such as HBSE, Person-in-Environment, or other approaches. (20 points)


What have you learned about community change through your research on your selected intervention? (10 points)


Word choice, clarity, and organization; spelling errors, and other omissions; 8-10 pages in length; appropriate and consistent use of APA (7th ed.) (5 points) Please use the below link as a resource. It has many links regarding Rochester, NY


Answer preview what you are attempting to accomplish by implementing your project


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