Socialization and Biases in Social Media

Socialization and Biases in Social Media

Choose ONE option to answer thoroughly. Select a peer and respond. 

Option A:

Reflect on your experiences with social media and its impact on your attitudes and behavior. How has social media influenced the way you view things, what you strive for, and your social interactions? Share specific examples from your own life to illustrate these effects. Then, choose one of the theories discussed in this module (e.g., cultivation theory, social learning theory) and apply it to analyze how social media contributes to the formation of attitudes and behavior. Discuss how this theory helps explain the relationship between social media consumption and the development of attitudes and behavior.

Option B:

Explore how social media affects the socialization and learning styles of individuals. Share personal experiences or observations on how social media platforms have influenced the way you socialize or learn. How has it facilitated or hindered these processes? Discuss the role of social media in shaping social norms. How have you noticed social media platforms influencing what is considered acceptable or desirable in society? Provide examples from popular trends or movements that have gained momentum through social media.

Option C:

Share a specific instance where your attitudes or behavior were influenced by social media. It can be related to a personal interest, a decision you made, or a change in your perceptions. Analyze the factors at play, such as the content you engaged with or the social interactions you had, and discuss the impact it had on you.

Consider how social media platforms shape the socialization and learning styles of individuals, particularly in comparison to traditional forms of socialization and education. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media as a medium for socialization and learning.

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