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Topic: Reply to Ariana Coles Screencast recording – AshCL10WK1D1-2

Details: Please view Ariana Coles’s screencast and script to recording for week 1 discussion 1 post. (Ariana Coles screencast recording link is indicted below and the script to Ariana Coles recording is attached). Then provide a response to Ariana Coles screencast recording following the below instructions. In your responses, you will take on the role of a mental health professional in private practice who receives a voicemail based on your colleague’s recording posted in the forum.

The patient has called your office after hours and left a voicemail. In your response, evaluate the message, and share your initial reactions to your prospective patient’s voicemail. Answer the following question in your response:

• How would listening to this voicemail make you feel?
• Would you want to work with this prospective patient? Why or why not?
Assess your reactions to the voicemail from a sociocultural perspective. What questions are already going through your mind about the patient’s background and mental health?
Evaluate the depiction of the prospective patient by comparing the voicemail to the information from the case study. (Ariana Coles case study of Suzanne is attached). Did your classmate provide a realistic representation of the patient? What could your classmate have done to make the voicemail sound more realistic based on the information presented in the book?
Ariana Coles’s link to her screencast recording is indicated below. Please copy and paste the link into your search bar to go to the recording so you can listen to the recording.
Screencast recording link:

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How would listening to this voicemail make you feel

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