Sociology Question

  1. You will upload Word document with your responses to the questions below. For your submission, you may type the question and then the response right below it. Single-spacing is encouraged. Your responses do not need to be long, just be sure to answer the question. The Reference Page and Cover Page must follow APA 7th edition formatting. Respond to the following:Evidence-Based Practice Step 1:
    1. Which topic have you selected as your focus?What is the evidence-based practice question you developed?
    Evidence-Based Practice Step 2:For this section, you will answer the questions for both Article 1, and Article 2- provided for you. Answer the three questions below for Article 1 and then again for Article 2.
    1. What is the name of the article?
    2. What is the study’s purpose? You should paraphrase this to demonstrate your understanding of the purpose of the study, not simply copy what the authors state
    3. How many participants (must be people, not articles or other studies) were included in the study?

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