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complete the SAMHSA Online Course- Creating
Safe Scenes and upload your certificate of
completion to the Log 5 Assignment dropbox. the link is belowcreating-safe-scenes-training-course

Use the Log Assignment template document to complete your Log assignment.

Weekly Log Assignment-4.docx I currently do my internship at HALO, this week my supervisor called the child abuse line and reported a child abuse case on a parent who was heard beating her kid in the family bathroom, I also did 4 intakes, I close the Rand R with Heather another intern we closed it on our own due to a meeting they had with staff, this week the founder of Halo Celeste gave me my part of a project to find rehouses on how to open a mental heath shelter, and starting October 14 we will be doing case manager work. the link to Halo is below I currently work in the women / mother and children (parent) side of the shelter please write like you a social worker intern

Log Topic: After completing the SAMHSA Creating Safe Scenes training, reflect on what you learned and how you might apply your learning to your field placement.

You will also need to upload your certificate of completion to the assignment dropbox in order to receive full credit.

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