Are smartphones making us anti-social?

CIS345 Disc 2-4

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Are smartphones making us anti-social? Read this article and give your opinion. Provide at least two other sources to support/defend your position. In Week 3 you will reply to the other two students in the class about their post.

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When developing an app or any software, there are process steps such as: Strategy, Analysis (Requirements), Design, Testing, and Deployment, etc.
• Which in your mind is the most important?
Can you think of a non-IT/Software example in your life where you do one of these phases? Be creative.
A simple example is an old carpenter’s rule of measure twice cut once…You could tell a story of when you did not follow this rule and how it was a disaster in terms of money and time.
Watch the video to get more information:
Mobile App Development Process: Step-by-Step Guide [2021]

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Are smartphones making us anti-social


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