Software Processes – Online Store

Software Processes – Online Store


Be sure to include a standard cover page with name of the course, your name, and the week of submission.

In 2–3 pages, not including the cover page or references, complete the following:

Section 1: Project Goals and Scope

Choose a project, such as an airline reservation system, an online bank, or an online store (or another project, subject to instructor approval). You will build upon this project for the remainder of the course.

  • Provide 1–2 paragraphs summarizing the project.
  • Include 3–4 features of the system (what will it do at a business- or executive-level of explanation).

Section 2: Project Management Process


  1. Describe how you will create the overall project plan and schedule (1–2 paragraphs).
  2. List 3 risks that you should be aware of regarding the project topic. Offer mitigation strategies for each.


  1. Describe 3–4 key deliverables and how they will be approved via the project-management process throughout the project. There should be a paragraph or so discussion on each.

Examples include any of the following:

  • Project charter
  • Project schedule
  • Overall budget
  • Status reports
  1. Discuss the level of governance (a lot or a little) that the customer wants on the project. You can make this up.
  2. Explain why the customer wants that level of governance.
  3. Give 1 example of something that would be subject to this level of governance. What would be reviewed and signed off by the project sponsor, as opposed to something that would only warrant a development team lead review?

Monitoring and control

  1. Describe how you are going to track the project’s process (project plan, status reports, etc.), and provide a brief example of what the weekly status report might look like.



Solution Preview

Project Goals and Scope

The chosen project is an online store. Notably, this refers to an application or website through which goods and services are sold over the internet. The online store will be an all-in-one platform that provides the customers with everything they need. Primarily, this is enhanced by the fact that there is no limit on the products and services that can be sold through the online store. Besides, products of multiple variants can be showcased through the online platform. To complete the project, an overall plan will be established that details on the milestones and completion dates. With this, it will be easier to execute the project.

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