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The Beatles: Free as a bird  • Create a word processor document, and start with this information: Song title Songwriter(s) Recording artist(s) Year of release Record label Song style or market (e.g. Southern Rock, Singer Songwriter, Disco, Punk) Any background or fun fact (not required) • Create a 1-2 page, with a minimum 500 words, analysis: –Your analysis should take any perspective you like –It should be based on your current understanding of music and music history –It can be based on content from the text (but don’t quote directly) –It can be similar to the analysis style you see in the text, but does not have to be –You could compare to other songs, or draw some conclusion as to its place in cultural history –Text should be double-spaced, with good grammar and spelling –You do not need to footnote or provide sources (you are providing your own conclusions)

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The song “Free as a Bird” was originally composed and recorded by John Lennon as a demo in 1977. Notably, a studio version of the recording was released in 1995 as a single by the Beatles integrating contributions from George Harrison…
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