Space Shuttle Life Cycle

Watch the video about the history of the Space Shuttle program:

The Space Shuttle (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Identify the life-cycle stages mentioned in the video and give a brief explanation about them (10 points possible).
Identify some of the stakeholders, context (Internal systems, external systems) (20 points possible).
Describe the requirements that went wrong in each case; Challenger & Columbia (10 points possible).




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A space shuttle refers to a space plane that is capable of travelling in space. It can be called a flying brick because it has a 20-degree glide slope and often unpowered when landing. The life cycle of the space shuttle stages mention in the video are the first stage and the second stage. In the first stage, the space shuttle is vertically launched into space where the two rocket boosters provide a thrust. Here, the shuttle stack is vertically launched in a similar to conventional rockets. The shuttle is lifted off through the power of the SRBs and the engine.

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