Speech Discussion

Speech Discussion

begin with your response with your thesis. Put it in Bold!

Second, chunk your supporting information into paragraphs of 1-3 sentences. This will make it easy for everyone to read.

Third, you must use at least one (but 2-3 is better) QUOTATION from the TEXTBOOK in your 200-250 word post!

Fourth, your discussion post must directly answer the prompt.

Full-sentence outlining is one of the most difficult skills to master in public speaking.

In your discussion, provide a sample full-sentence outline of one of the main points of your Informative speech, including citations, subpoints, sub-subpoints, and connectives. (Create it on a document, then copy and paste the content). Use the example on page 203-206 as a guide. The book is “The Art of Public Speaking” Lucas and Stob

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