SPMT609 – 250+ Word Forum Post on Football (Soccer)

Please ensure content is original and cite/references are APA formatted. 250 or more words, please. This is on what the world knows as football, but was Americans call soccer. This post is NOT for American football.

Outside the U.S., Soccer is referred to as football and is extremely popular in most of the world. Unfortunately, the sport has failed to catch on at a high level in our country. Therefore, the marketing potential of soccer and star soccer athletes is considerably less in the United States than in other parts of the world.

As we look to the future of sport, why do you think that soccer is less popular in the United States? Will it eventually catch on? If you were the person in charge of choosing a sport to use in a marketing campaign for your company would you consider using soccer as that sport? Why or why not? Please do some market research on your own to support your position.

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