Discuss the good and bad of steroids.

Discuss the good and bad of steroids.

Module 8 discussion question & two student responses

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Discuss the good and bad of steroids.


Joseph Morris

The benefits of steroids vary in many aspects, first let’s look at the fact that this product increases muscle tissue due to enhancing protein synthesis, decreasing body fat percentage, also muscle strength and power. steroids improve recovery from workouts and injury, improving bone mineral density and increasing red blood cell production. what a lot of people need to understand is that steroid increases appetite, and gain and change the mood of a user of the substance. Blurry vision is often occurring, and easy bruising which lowers the resistance to infection.


Javier Piceno

Steroids can be used for good when they are used healthily. For example, during the aftermath of WWII, it was discovered that steroids could help those who were malnourished gain weight and build muscle. However, steroids can also be used unhealthily. When steroids are used in large unmeasured quantities, it can lead to horrific bodily malfunctions, such as over-masculine effects on women and the over-enlargement of the prostate gland in males.

I believe that steroids are a good drug. In fact, throughout the reading of our text and lectures, I have discovered that drugs are indeed a good thing. Reading about steroids was fun because I discovered important information on a drug that I was somewhat interested in.

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Discuss the good and bad of steroids.


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