To prepare for this assignment:

Review the Harbor City Behavioral Health Center media, Specifically review the following:

HCBHC Brochure with mission statement, goals, and services
Organizational Chart with major departments: HR, Operations (incl. IT), Comptroller, Legal (incl. Regulatory), and Clinics, as well as department overviews covering functions and roles
HCBHC Annual Report with findings/recommendations and associated assessment data
Corporate Memo on the community need for additional services to support the aging baby boomer population and the alarming increase in adolescent substance abuse
Review your assignment from previous weeks related to the center. In particular, take a look at any feedback you’ve received from your instructor or fellow classmates and consider what revisions you might want to make based on feedback.
Review your assignments, in light of any new insights or learning you might have had.
Consider what greater detail you might add, or revisions you might make to your analysis of the center.

The Assignment:

Compose a final paper that expands on the strategic plan initiated in Week 5 to address areas for growth, as the Center is going to establish a unit to address the behavioral health needs of an aging adult population or Adolescent Drug Abusers. Decide which area of expansion you wish to pursue (older adult population or adolescent drug patients) and indicate the impact this initiative will have in each of the key functional areas of the Center-HR, IT, Fiscal, Regulatory, Clinical & Community Services. Be sure to utilize information from your previous weekly Assignments to inform your thinking and writing. Finally, make recommendations on how to execute the updated strategic plan.

Strategic planning for HCBHC (1) (1)

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HCBHC Brochure with mission statement goals and services


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