Talking with Parents Journal

Talking with parents about the struggles their child is having in class can be a difficult task for teachers and childcare professionals. 

According to Powell and Driver (2013),  “teachers and school staff can talk with parents about the possibility of their child needing to undergo an evaluation for ADHD, but the official diagnosis must come from a medical professional or clinician (i.e., medical doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist)” (Section 5.5) 

Reflect on what this above statement means to you.


1. How can you talk with parents about this subject without sounding as if you are diagnosing?  

2. What advice can you provide to parents who come to you with concerns about their child without implying that a disability is present?

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Talking to parents about their children having developmental problems is not an easy task. Also, teachers should talk to them in a manner that would not portray them as diagnosing the developmental disorder, such as the…
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