Taxing Troublemaker

 After completing Hot Topic A “Taxing Troublemaker,” prepare the memorandum as instructed at the end of Hot Topic A

• Requirements: 750 words minimum in APA format

As you come to the end of the process, you’ve made the following decision:

Use the information from Blake to identify and fire the leaker, because your duty to protect the Department’s information is more important than benefitting from someone else’s illegal activity.

The option you chose was limited to one of the six on the list I provided. Now, however, you have the opportunity to communicate a decision to reflect what you believe is the most ethical course of action. Feel free to change any or all of the conditions to create the option you believe works best.

I’ve laid out for you a method for organizing your thoughts. This format could easily be used as the basis for an email or an inter-office memo, but its primary purpose is to organize the reasons behind your action and to defend your decision. While each section of the memo has a word count limit, a concise memo will often be much shorter. I recommend aiming for roughly one-half of the maximum, but you can always write more if necessary.

The goal is to use the norms of both ethical perspectives to write a memo that is technically sound and coherent as well as persuasive and inspiring. If you want to know more about the criteria for a good communication, check the Memo Structure page under Game Information on the left menu bar.

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