team building

team building

now that sarah has delivered the workshop and wait staff seem to be on board with the new style of service, sarah’s next challenge is to create a management and leadership plan for her group that not only ensures that they deliver consistent service, but that they also work toward becoming a team. using the results that you archived on your management,leadership, and team self-assessments, briefly describe how you would manage and lead sarahs group toward becoming a team while providing consistently excellent service



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Managing a group which involves new members can be challenging. This is because everyone has his ideas wants to do things in his or her way. Team leaders need to come up with ideas to help the group to work towards achieving the goals of the company or institution. The group leader needs to involve everyone when creating these strategies and putting them into action. When the plans are useful, the group is likely to work peacefully, and this will ensure that the groups achieve well.

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