How technology shapes the way people live and work?

How technology shapes the way people live and work?

Life with technology [choose 1]

How technology shapes the way people live and work?

A) How technology shapes the way people live and work.

B) I chose this topic because I think technology has really affected our lives and work nowadays. Technology has helped us to connect with people in an easier and available way. It has also changed the way companies communicate and collaborate with each other. Technology made it possible to continue our normal life during the COVID-19 lockdown with so many possibilities. It also affected the Economy tremendously by increasing sales and causing economic growth. Additionally, it has decreased poverty by creating your jobs and allowing people in need to reach a larger platform. It gave us new ways to develop our education systems to create better and more advanced minds. Technologies in the workplace help ensure that information is available only to the right people and virtually eliminate the leak of relevant information about the company. It can also be used to guard valuable objects and people. Technology affects every part of society, the kingdom or empire, and is based on accessible mathematics and the science of society, affecting every aspect of civilization.

C) I think readers would be interested in this topic since technology has changed many lives and improved our world for the better. Nowadays, new technologies have changed the world and our daily lives. The latest gadgets and tools provide us with useful information which makes our lives easy. New technologies have achieved high levels, and without them, we cannot imagine our next steps. Modern technology has covered the way for multifunctional devices such as smartwatches and smartphones, improved computers, and created new kinds of laptops, which are becoming faster, more portable, and more powerful than ever. With all these revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better, and fun. One of the newest examples was remodeling our face-to-face classes online, then taking a few minutes, and we smoothly started to connect to the Zoom program and continued our studying. In a few years, drones may be the norm for everyone, and robots will be common in factories. Future technology is sure to change our lives in incredible ways, but here we are looking at the many common ways in which technology is changing our lives today.

B and C I wrote as an RP Submission

Use the topic you chose earlier in this course in Module 2. You may not use any other topic.

Locate information about your chosen topic using GCC’s library electronic periodical databases. You will have a minimum of 3 sources for this research paper, and they MUST come from GCC’s library databases, not any other library. You must include the URL, not the doi in the citation to verify it comes from the GCC library periodical databases.

Types of Sources to Use:

Print and other hardcopy sources are not permitted for this assignment at all. Sources from libraries and databases other than GCC are not permitted at all. If there is a print source you want to use, you MUST locate it in a digital format otherwise you may not use it.

The following are types of sources you may use:

Articles from databases such as Academic Search Complete, ProQuest, CQ Researcher, JSTOR, available through GCC’s library

You may not use:

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Britannica Academic



print books, print newspapers, print journals, print magazines

These are general reference databases and print sources which will not provide adequate or up-to-date information for this assignment.


You must use at least 2 different databases. You may not get all your sources from just 1 database, and you may not use just 1 author for all your sources.


Take Note:

Some topics will not have sources available in all formats. Choose the sources that are most relevant and most easily downloadable. You might also want to consider length. Make sure your sources are not too long.

Download to a flash drive the sources you select to read and annotate. Be sure to get web addresses, author and copyright information and access dates for web sources. This is critical, so be sure to copy it from the database. Most online bibliography generators are not up-to-date with 2016 MLA guidelines, so you will have to create your citations manually using The Everyday Writer 6th edition with 2016 MLA Update.

Length of Research Paper:

Your research paper will be 4-5 content pages in length not including Works Cited [works cited pages are extra], typed in MLA8 format with a Works Cited page. [Total 5-6 pages.]


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How technology shapes the way people live and work


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