Globalization and Technology are challenging the survival of businesses.

The final paper is on why the target should be moving to the country of choice (U.K.)

How to Submit Final Paper

Final Project – submit ALL SECTIONS here – Do not submit the sections separately

The paper must have the following components in this order:

Title Page
Executive Summary ( separate page)
Section 1 Problem, Section 2 Literature Review, Section 3 Strategy Plan and Recommendations
Reference page
Final Project Grading

Sections 1 (problem) and 2 (literature review) are worth 20 points

Section 3 (strategic plan and recommendations) is worth 20 points –

Total Project length requirement 2300 words of content.

The title page and the reference page do not count as part of the content

Carefully read below all the specific details for the final project

The final project has three sections: The problem, literature review, and Strategic Plan and Recommendations. Create only one paper.

International Business Topic

Globalization and Technology are challenging the survival of businesses.

Retailers in the U.S. and in other foreign markets

(Sections 1 and 2 are worth 20 points)

Section 1 The problem: Target is a U.S.-based retail operator and needs to expand into other foreign markets.

Conduct Research- Fully describe the problem and its significance in relation to:

Target’s financial position. The stock price is up for now; however, the state of the retail industry in the U.S. is facing significant challenges.

Identify the main problems for retailers, including How Target has been affected domestically and in other foreign markets where it operates.

Discuss and expand on two/three key management or business problems facing Target
Identify and discuss Target’s U.S. competitors and main business threats

You must clearly connect the problem and analysis to support the need for expansion into other global markets.

Section 2 Review of the literature Strategic

Provide an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the International Business Topic.

The review of the literature must include:

Identify theories that support and explain the topic of investigation and the problem
Analyze key social, financial, political, economic, management, and international business theories
Compare & contrast different viewpoints, arguments, and studies
Discuss discrepancies, contradictions, and facts
Present, discuss, and cite multiple examples, and business cases
Approach the analysis with qualitative AND quantitative lenses; review data, statistics, figures, numbers, $$$$, %%%, and financial impact.
Identify and review sub-problems as applicable
Identify and discuss core issues, and trends
As applicable to your topic findings.
Names of businesses, organizations, leaders, and corporations
Research and discuss the impact of technology in relation to the International Business Topic

The above points are listed in no particular order. You will need to build the flow of your literature review. You will need to “connect the dots/points”, and decide in which order they need to be to develop one cohesive review.

The goal is to provide a thorough and comprehensive review of the International Business Topic, but do not go all over tackling multiple issues; instead, stay connected and focused on your thesis

Section 3 Strategic Plan and Recommendations (This section is worth 20 points)

The management of Target is nearly ready to proceed with its international expansion. The next item that is needed is the Strategic Plan.


Your recommended strategy for value creation

The value chain and how it will be managed

A description of core competencies (definition of what a core competency is and what are Target’s are )

A description of the Organizational Structure (definition of org. structure and what Target should implement)

A description of the Organizational Culture (definition of org. culture and what Target should implement)

Proposed Marketing and Pricing Strategies (In general, should Target stay with the same prices? Should Target lower prices?, or Should Target increase prices)

A description and recommendation of How Technology resources will be managed in your country

Key success factors in your country and City/s of choice where Target will consider establishing operations. Make sure to discuss THE WHY that supports business, political, economic, financial, social, and international business factors. As applicable, include regional and/or global trade agreements for your country.

Include Graphs, tables, or charts that show the competitive advantages of your county.

Be tactical and strategic in your recommendations for expansion into your country.

Executive Summary

Include an Executive Summary (300 Words – separate page)

The Executive Summary must cover the purpose of the project. Key points, important qualitative and quantitative facts and findings, and solutions and recommendations.

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Globalization and Technology are challenging the survival of businesses.


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