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Just a reminder, we’re meeting next week individually to discuss your comparative argument essays. For your meeting, please remember to bring two pages of Draftwork which includes the following:

1. A functional thesis that asserts answers to the questions Who? What? and How as we discussed in class.

2. The four (minimum) passages (of, on average, ten lines) that you’ll be using to establish your comparison, with some work demonstrating how the passages relate to your main claim.

3. A general outline for your essay.

thats all the the information that I have

and it’s the same class that you did for me before with deferent assignment

our book that we’ve used in this class is



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Hector and Beowulf Comparison


Over the history of literature, various poem s have been written and recorded. Among some of the oldest works of the poem to be considered are Iliad and Beowulf. Hector is a great warrior who manages to kill Achilles’ best friend in the Trojan War. As a result of this, Achilles takes it upon himself to kill him. As for the Beowulf poem, the protagonist is Beowulf who is a warrior who is selfless when to helping and fighting against demons among other enemies

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