Texas Government

Topic: Texas Government writing assignment 3

Do you think that sales and use taxes are a fair way for the state to generate revenue? Why or why not?
How should policy makers deal with a projected budgetary surplus? Should taxes be cut or spending increased?
In the case of a budget surplus, what arguments would you make to the legislature to increase spending? Where would you increase spending? Why?
In the case of a budget deficit, what areas would you target for cuts? Why?
Under what circumstances should the legislature tap into the Rainy Day Fund?
Why did the Texas Legislature give up the ability to set tuition at state universities and how has this decision impacted you?

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The sales and use taxes imposed by the Texas Government is not a fair way of generating revenue. Notably, each state has to ascertain their own means of obtaining income for use in governance, providing goods and services to its people as they operate…
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