The Art Analysis Paper

The Art Analysis Paper

Art Paper Writing Guidelines, Instructions and Sample Paper

In preparing for the Art Paper Assignment you will need to fully review the following: Writing GuidelinesPreview the documentArt Paper Instructions documentPreview the document (including web links for approved paper topics), and a Sample Student PaperPreview the document. Make sure you go through these documents to ensure that you are writing the best paper possible.

Art Paper Requirements
The Art Analysis Paper has a required length of 800 words minimum. If you are not visiting a real art museum in person this term to write your paper then you are REQUIRED to select a work of art from the list found inside the Art Paper Instructions document inside this module. All papers must follow the Art Analysis Writing Guidelines. This ensures that you will engage in the art concepts and art vocabulary covered in our textbook and art course. Papers that do not exhibit knowledge and understanding of the art concepts and art vocabulary unique to this course will not be accepted.

Writing Guidelines are Required
Students must use this Writing Guide to develop the structure and content of their Art Analysis Paper this term. The guide covers visual description, historical style, subject matter/content, and the visual elements. These concepts are the core elements of this course. Students should be able to observe a work of art and engage in the usage of specific art vocabulary and relate to various art concepts learned in our course.

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The modern society has found easy to store memory in the form of a digital still and motion images of self. These forms of art are only made possible by the existence of technology with the ability to store reflected images, which were absent in pre…
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