The Changing Status of Children and Self-Report

Using what you’ve learned this week, respond to the following prompts in your post:

  • According to the text, delinquency is an inherently difficult concept to measure. Discuss two (2) of the main challenges with measuring self-reports from delinquents. Next, describe the methods you would utilize to overcome these challenges.
  • African-American juveniles account for a disproportionate amount of all juvenile arrests for serious crimes. However, white juveniles are arrested more often than African-American youths. Furthermore, self-reports indicate that African-American and white juveniles commit similar amounts of delinquency and lower-class youths are more likely to commit serious offenses. Based on these statements, explain what these facts would mean to you if you were working as a Juvenile Justice professional. Next, recommended two (2) programs you would provide to your presiding Judge whom you work for. Provide support for your recommendations.
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There are many types of reports to provide data on a criminal matter of a juvenile. Memory errors, telescoping, lying, and misunderstanding are a few of the drawbacks.  These drawbacks are similar to other…
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