The Clarion School For Boys

The Clarion School For Boys

Read Case Study IV-1 entitled  The Clarion School for Boys, Inc.—Milwaukee Division: Making Information Systems Investments”

on pages 594-610 in your textbook, Managing Information Technology.

The case study provides an example of the practical difficulties encountered in information systems (IS) planning and provides an example of assessing current IS resources.

For this assignment, you will propose a technological solution(s) for the Clarion School for Boys, Inc. to reduce its operation costs and other resource usage. You can recommend technology tools and services to be used, and some of your solution recommendations could include the following:

  • Statement of precise objectives
  • Analysis of current and future information technology environment (cloud computing and in-house infrastructure setup), hardware, applications, personnel, network, and facilities.
Solution Preview
The major cause of the inefficiency of the Clarion School’s information system is lack of internal analysis of its huge investments. For this reason, the new system would be implemented after conducting a comprehensive analysis of the information needs of the school. Therefore, its major purposes…
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