The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Aging Analysis

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Aging Analysis

You may write this as a paper or as a presentation. Choose your strength. Are you better at writing or speaking? By the second week of the semester, you will need to choose whether you will be writing a paper or giving a presentation. There will be limited time for presentations, so you may not have the opportunity to change your mind later on.

More instructions will be given in class.

Papers and presentations should include all of the elements below.

You should expect to complete a 4–5-page paper or 6-10 slide presentation. Make sure you provide an introduction, supporting paragraphs/ideas, and conclusion. You will submit this via Canvas on the due date you choose (to be explained in class). Presentation formats should include visuals, not just large blocks of text.

SOC440 Film List

Use this list to choose your film for the film analysis project. Please be aware that some of these films are sexually or otherwise explicit and may not be for all audiences. Choose what you are comfortable viewing.

Should you wish to use a film not on this list, you need instructor approval at least one week prior to the assignment due date.

5 Flights Up

About Fifty

About Schmidt


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Big Fish

The Bucket List

Calendar Girls


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Driving Miss Daisy

The Expendables

The Father

Golden Girls

Grace & Frankie

The Green Glove Gang

Harold and Maude

How to Live Forever

The Intern

Ladies in Lavender

Last Vegas

Make Way for Tomorrow

The Mole Agent

On Golden Pond




Red Joan

The Sunshine Boys

Tea with the Dames

Tokyo Story

Victoria and Abdul

Wild Oats

Young at Heart

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