The Deterrence Theory Approach In Fighting Phishing Scams

The Deterrence Theory Approach In Fighting Phishing Scams

Term Paper Project Structure

Abstract (10 points)

Introduction (10 points)

Theory that explains the type of cybercrime you
are studying

Theoretical review (10 points)

Empirical research that support the theory (10 points)

Research hypotheses (10 points)

Data collection (15 points)

Implications to Criminological research (15 points)

Summary (10 points)

References (10 points)

Abstract (5-6 lines)

The cyber crime type you will focus on in your

Magnitude and extent of this crime in our society

Research question/hypotheses

Population of interest (offenders vs. victims)

Theory that you will use to explain this behavior

Data collection

Introduction (1 page)

Talk about the type of cybercrime you are

Give more details about the phenomenon

Why is it important to study and understand the

Theory/theories that you are going to use in
studying the phenomenon

Theoretical Review (2-3 pages)

Introduce the theory

Talk about the major theoretical arguments….how
does the theory explain deviance in general?

Discuss few empirical studies that support the
major theoretical arguments in the physical world

Implementation of the theory in the context of
cyberspace. Is it feasible?

Research Hypotheses (half a page)

Your research expectations with an
explanation for these expectations

Data collection (1-2 pages)

How will you collect data ?

Will you use qualitative or quantitative
research design? Why ?

What are the tools you will use to collect
information? Discuss the pros and cons of
using your proposed tools

Provide examples for the actual tools you will

General Guidelines

Writing is a process: don’t start working on the
paper a night before the assignment is due!!!

Font 12, double space, 1 inch margins

Appropriate citations both in the body of text and
reference section

Visit me in my office for any issues, concerns or

Implications to Criminological
research(1 page)

How important is the proposed activity to
advancing knowledge and understanding
within the criminological field or across
different fields?

What may be the benefits of the proposed
activity to society?

Summary (0.5 to 1 page)

Summarize your proposed project.

Make sure to include

Your research question

Theoretical rational

Data you will collect


Intellectual merit and broader impact

References (1.5 -2 pages)

ASA style citation guidelines (see relevant
document on icollege)

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