The Eden Herbal Tea Marketing Mix

The Eden Herbal Tea Marketing Mix

Please submit the Market Mix to the grade book. Your submission should be a minimum of 2 pages written in APA format, including a cover page and a reference page.

In this unit, marketing mix was introduced as the 4 P’s of marketing management product, price, place and promotion.

Practice: Imagine your company (or the business where you’d like to work) has asked you to describe and make recommendations for each one of the 4 P’s of the marketing mix. This marketing mix will be added to the organization’s final marketing plan.

Throughout this course each unit assignment will be developed as part of your Final Project Marketing Plan.

Market Mix

Provide an introduction to the marketing mix for a new or existing product using the criteria listed.

  • Product:  Define the product and how it fits the company’s brand.
  • Price:  Make an argument for cost-based pricing and value pricing strategy and how it will be the best recommendation for your company.
  • Place: Describe the market placement of your product. This can be integrated into your pricing strategy argument.
  • Promotion: Make recommendations for promotion of your new or existing product. Also include how social media could benefit the promotion strategy.

Please submit this assignment for Unit #4 Project Milestone Activity #3

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Marketing requires that the business provides the right commodity to the consumers, puts it at the right location, charge the appropriate price at the right time. This is what is known as the marketing mix. In the beginning…
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