The Influence of Game of Thrones on Sexuality

The Influence of Game of Thrones on Sexuality

Due Date: August 9th, 2017 – hard copy must be handed in at the beginning of class.
Value: 25%
• Late assignments will not be accepted without an excused absence (e.g., a medical note).
• Please follow APA guidelines for academic writing. A useful resource can be found at:
• Essay should be no more than 5 pages, plus references, typed, and double-spaced (around
1250-1500 words). Please use Times New Roman font, size 12.
• Please edit your work. Marks will be deducted for spelling and/or grammar errors, poor
writing quality, etc. If writing is not your strong suit, seek the advice of classmates,
friends, or the UBC Learning Commons.
Please select ONE of the following TV shows or movies and provide a critical analysis of how
this show/movie has influenced sexuality.
• House of Cards
• Game of Thrones
• Girls
• Orange is the New Black
• 50 Shades of Grey
• Moonlight
The topic for the paper is intentionally broad. You are free to write about any aspect of influence
(good and/or bad) that you choose. However, to keep your paper focused, it is recommended that
you choose a specific influence on which to develop a strong thesis statement. In other words,
you can write on anything you like so long as it has a focus and direction. As an example, you
could choose to answer one of the following questions:
• How has this show/movie influenced women’s sexuality?
• How has this show/movie influenced men’s sexuality?
• How does this show/movie compare to pornography in their influences on men and
women’s sexuality?
• How has this show/movie affected understanding of the specific communities (e.g.,
BDSM, LGB, Trans, POC)?
• How does the influence of this show/movie compare to the influence of past sexual works
of historical importance?
• How has this show/movie influenced our understanding of relationships (e.g.,
open/closed, gay/straight)?
Important: This is not your opinion – you need to back up your arguments. You can use
references (journal articles), you could do an interview(s), you could do a small survey, etc.
Language (15%)
• Includes mechanics, style, and coherence
• Paper should be free of spelling and grammar errors, well-written, and easy to understand
Organization and Formatting (20%)
• Paper should be structured in essay format according to APA guidelines
• Any references used should to be cited in APA format
Thesis Statement (5%)
• You should have a clear, precise, and insightful thesis statement. It should be very clear
from this statement what the paper is going to be discussing
Analysis of Influence (60%):
• You should be able to support your thesis statement through clear and logical arguments
using sound evidence including examples from the material and additional references as
needed (60%)

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The modern day United States culture is consumed by sex. However, it is rare for people to have a realistic view of female sexuality since most movies and television shows tend to focus more on men’s sexuality…

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