The Influence of Parents, Peers and Caregivers on the Development of a Child

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 MAIN DETAILS: Introduction a) General Purpose: A short section that sets the stage for the study and gives the reader a general sense of the topic to be studied. b) Rationale: Develop the ideas related to the topic of the study. The intent should be to narrow down the general topic indicated in the previous paragraph to the focus of the study. Justification of the topic should be included. c) Statement of the Problem: In a more focused and specific way, describe the study to undertaken. What variables will included? What are the questions being addressed? d) Research Questions: Some studies may be exploratory or purely descriptive in nature and will include only research questions. If hypotheses are appropriate to the study, indicate the hypotheses to be investigated. The hypotheses may be stated in the null literary or operational (see elements of proposal handout for clarification) form of predictions. I am happy to assist you with this decision. e) Conceptual Framework: This section will outline the theory or conceptual framework to be used to guide the study. f) Definition of Terms: Include a set of definitions for the particular technical terms or concepts needed for the study with appropriate references. Review of Literature a) This section need not be a complete review of the literature related to the topic, but it should include enough research to develop a firm background for the study and the measures and procedures that will be used. You should draw on no less than 5 peer reviewed scholarly sources. Websites, magazines, introductory text books, and secondary sources do not count toward this minimum but can be used as additional sources provided you avoid plagiarizing your sources. Again very important that your sources are cited correctly in APA format. Avoid using direct quotes

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